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A narrative and story approach to empower cooperation, cohesion and change in communities through non-formal education.

Raising Strong and Resilient Communities

Raising Strong and Resilient Communities

OUTPUT 1: Manual








OUTPUT 2: Courses

Two detailed and intensive courses have been developed for adult educators and workers in community orientated organisations, following the outline of the manual.

Given the objectives of the project (storytelling and narrative approaches to empower collaboration and communication within and for communities) there is one course with the emphasis on collaboration and the other with the emphasis on communication.

Both courses have been developed as 4-day open courses including all necessary materials, such as workbooks, PowerPoint (or Prezi) presentations, videos, guidance materials and practical exercises. Participants of these courses will receive a certificate of attendance.

The most important elements of both courses haven been piloted successfully in a Multiplier Event.





OUTPUT 3: Instruction Videos

Videos of the ‘working with stories’ process haven been made in all communities and include story collecting sessions, story crafting sessions, story dissemination examples and instructional videos. Watch them on our YouTube-channel.






From the final Erasmus+ evaluation report of RSRC


“The project has filled a need gap with a comprehensive manual, which can be used as a handbook for storytelling as well as a scientific analysis of the method.

Its innovativeness lies in the future oriented approach and the piloting experiments with different kinds of communities using storytelling. The outcomes of the project are relevant for adult education organisations and also for other educational sectors.”


“The intellectual outcomes are professional, they are with high quality and they are valuable for the partnership, for other actors of adult education and even for actors in other educational sectors. Especially the handbook is very high in quality.”


“The partnership has succeeded in the work with different communities and the participation of communities with various definitions has been a best practice as such.”