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A narrative and story approach to empower cooperation, cohesion and change in communities through non-formal education.

Raising Strong and Resilient Communities

Raising Strong and Resilient Communities

RSRC combines the expertise of organisations and individuals with a fine track record in (adult) education, community development, (audio-visual) communication, development of training tools and courses and most important, a range of narrative approaches.




SFV has experience with supporting development and education of diverse communities (rural, urban, young adults) and the implementation of storytelling.




The Netherlands:

Storybag has a background in communication (marketing, design, writing) and a broad knowledge of and experience in all facets of storytelling and other narrative approaches for organisations, education and health care.



The Netherlands:

In Dialogue has a vast experience in developing methods and tools, training and courses, out of theoretical concepts, towards specific target groups in the field of narrative coaching.




Ozara has a long experience in training, education and employment support of disabled groups (social inclusion, self-esteem) and a strong analytical background.




Czech Republic:

CzechDEX serves NGOs and volunteer networks (e.g. rural areas who need to connect with the digital age) and is experienced in developing handbooks and trainings. During 2016, Czech DEX’ team joined the DEX Innovation Centre ( that is focusing on research and innovation, entrepreneurship, e-solutions and innovation infrastructure.




Soros Educational Center Foundation is involved in the support and training of communities in remote rural areas with a need for competences development.





CERES has a long history of working with community and volunteer groups, a strong affinity with (heritage) storytelling and offers experience and skills in digital media.





AccoglieRete is an enthusiastic organisation concentrating on the education and training of tutors for volunteers working with migrants (minors) to help them integrate.





Cluturex is involved in the support of regional tourism, the creation of heritage awareness and the importance of stories and taking it further with educational and training materials.